Member Benefits

Members receive the following benefits:

Association Offices and Staff
NFRA’s staff is available to assist members in their relationships with federal agencies and elected officials. The staff also acts as a source of technical information and resource referral for members.

Capitol Contacts
NFRA is dedicated to keeping its members informed on proposed and pending legislation, as well as policy and regulatory changes within the federal agencies. NFRA staff also serves as a contact for members in arranging meetings with elected and agency officials in Washington, DC.

Annual Conference and Trade Show
NFRA has hosted an annual conference and trade show for over 60 years, and continues that tradition today. NFRA members in good standing are eligible for discounted registration fees. Each year, this conference attracts business operators of resorts, campgrounds, marinas, stores, organizational camps, pack stations, and outfitter guides. The conference provides permit holders excellent networking opportunities with vendors, other businesses and with agency recreation leaders from throughout the country.

An electronic newsletter is sent out several times throughout the year featuring articles and information of concern and value to businesses operating on federal lands. A hard copy newsletter – The NFRA Report – is also sent featuring the Annual Conference. In addition, NFRA notifies its members frequently through regular e-mails on issues that may be of interest.