Ranger of the Year

NFRA’s ‘Ranger of the Year’ Award has been presented annually since 1982 to individuals who show personal dedication in the realm of recreation management, and exhibit a true sense of partnership with recreation service providers. “We want to recognize those employees who understand the important role of partners, and who show exemplary efforts to work together,” stated NFRA President Steve Werner.  “We are continually amazed at how much it means to our honorees to receive this recognition, and it is a highlight of our Conference.”

NFRA is comprised of businesses that provide camping, lodging, skiing, horseback riding, marinas, youth camps, rafting and other recreation services and facilities to the public on National Forest lands. 

The 2018 Conference will host an awards luncheon to honor the ‘Ranger of the Year’ – which is always an enjoyable event.  Join us!

2017-Ranger of the Year – Mike Kenealy