General Membership

General membership includes full voting privileges. Businesses operating under a permit or contract with public land management agencies are eligible. Dues are based on annual gross revenues.

Current member businesses include lodges, resorts, marinas, pack stations, youth camps, retail stores, restaurants, campgrounds, RV parks, winter sports areas, outfitters and guides, and tramways.

To apply for membership, print and fill out the General Membership Form.

Annual Dues

Dues for general members are determined on a sliding scale based on annual gross revenues.

Annual Revenues Dues
Less than $100,000 $250
$100K – $499,000 $600
$500K – $749,000 $900
$750K – $1 million $1200
$1mil – $2 million $1800
Greater than $2 million $2500

Please contact us if you have any questions about membership.