Why Join?

The National Forest Recreation Association (NFRA), founded in 1948, represents the interests of individuals and companies operating recreation businesses on America’s national forests, parks, and other public lands. These businesses provide invaluable services and facilities to visitors seeking recreation experiences with their friends and families in the great outdoors. Building memories and providing opportunities for recreation are the easy parts of the job. Managing business matters and permits are the challenging aspects of operating on public lands.

That’s where NFRA can help. NFRA has, and continues to provide support to its members. Examples of members’ operations include: lodges, resorts, marinas, pack stations, outfitter-guides, restaurants, campground operators, RV parks, ski areas, winter sports sites, and youth camps.

Examples of NFRA’s accomplishments include:

  • NFRA was instrumental in the passage of legislation to allow the commercial pack stations to continue operating in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Parks.
  • NFRA intervened in a lawsuit brought by environmental groups against the Forest Service regarding commercial pack stock use in Sierra Nevada Wilderness Areas.
  • NFRA has been effective in bringing about constructive changes to the campground concession program including the National Recreation Reservation System (NRRS) for campground operators.
  • NFRA intervened to ensure Forest Service campground operations were allowed the same exemption as National Park Service campgrounds from the requirements of the Service Contract Act. NFRA continues to review campground bid offerings for compliance with the Service Contract Act.
  • NFRA participates as a member in national level recreation coalitions, working together to promote and support responsible recreation use of America’s public lands and waters.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • NFRA members are eligible for discounts with selected vendors. NFRA members are also eligible for a discounted membership with the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).
  • NFRA members receive a discount to the Annual Conference and Trade Show. This is a unique opportunity to meet with other business owners as well as with national agency leaders. It is also an excellent opportunity to talk with representatives from outdoor product companies. Discounts are often available through these vendors.
  • NFRA provides its members with updates through its newsletters, e-mails, and website. There are frequent communications sent to members through e-mail, as well as information posted on the NFRA website. Members are encouraged to link to the NFRA website.

Why You? Why Now?

As a business owner on public lands, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ you will someday need assistance, but rather, ‘when’. The cooperative efforts of all permittees are critical for a bright future. Supporting NFRA is important to insure help will be there when you need it.

NFRA has a dues category that is affordable for everyone! Remember that your dues make it possible for NFRA to be there when you need it!